prepared by Sally Waltho

Many students are very interested in becoming a Psychologist.  However, they are not always quite sure of the route they need to follow and what lies in store for them. This month’s newsletter article serves as an introduction to the study of psychology for students that are interested in pursuing a career that deals with the remarkable phenomena of the human mind, emotions and related behaviour.

A brief overview of the definition and history of psychology is included as well as an explanation of the different schools of psychological thought.

We provide information on the minimum academic requirements when applying for an undergraduate degree (BA or BSocSc) at UCT as well as what a typical curriculum with a psychology major would look like.

The possible different career fields and employment options that could be considered after having completed an undergraduate as well as honour’s degree, namely Registered Counsellor &  Registered Psychometrist, are also explored. We end our newsletter by a brief discussion of the current different sub-categories and related specialised areas of focus that psychologists could be registered as, namely, Clinical, Counselling, Educational or Research Psychologists.

We trust that you will enjoy our article and that it will provide you with helpful and useful information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and more personalized career guidance.