Why therapy?

Different people come to therapy for different reasons, some to explore themselves, some to deal with life situations and some to deal with recognizable psychiatric/psychological conditions.

We have found the following to be some of the many reasons why clients have approached us for assistance:

  • Divorce related reasons such as: I’m getting a divorce and I’m really worried about the impact of the separation on my children? What can I do as a parent to help my children with the significant social-emotional readjustment challenges that a divorce involves?
  • Couple concerns such as: My partner has had an affair and we are at a crossroads regarding the road ahead. Can our relationship survive this? How do I trust him/her again?
  • Anxiety related reasons such as: I’m struggling to cope with life in general! My performance at work is deteriorating, I’m anxious, can’t concentrate, am making silly mistakes. How can I cope with my anxiety better?
  • Bereavement/depression related reasons: It has been 3 months since my partner died. I am struggling to cope with day to day life. I am depressed, have no energy, nothing interests or motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. Life has no meaning for me anymore. How can I integrate this significant loss and re-create a new identity with purpose and meaning?
  • Trauma related reasons such as: I was raped as a young child and am struggling to come to terms with it as an adult. This is impacting negatively on my relationship with my partner amongst other areas of my life where I am not coping. Please can you help me?
  • Academic concerns such as: My child is really struggling at school. His teacher says he is not coping with the academic requirements for his grade and there is a strong chance he may need to repeat next year. What assessments can be done so that we can put together a support plan for him?
  • Subject and Career Guidance such as: My teenager is in Grade 9 and not sure what subject choices she should take for Grade 10. Can you do an assessment that will guide us in the right direction, not only for subject choices but also for suitable career options in line with her aptitude, personality, interests and values?
  • Personal growth reasons such as: I feel I’m not reaching up to my full potential in an area of my life. Can you support me in the process of bettering myself?


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