Prepared by: Zeenat Osman

In this fast-paced and information dependent world that we find ourselves in, it is truly important to possess sufficient memory skills.

Memory skills are essential in every aspect of our lives whether it is in the educational sphere, career field or our everyday activities and relationships. Good memory skills allow you to utilize your full potential and provides you with a sense of reassurance that you do not have to constantly fear forgetting or misplacing important information.

Furthermore, it affords you the opportunity to overcome mental barriers that can hinder you from achieving success in your schooling, career, personal life or life in general.

The newsletter continues to elaborate on the memory process whereby information transcends from a stimulus and progresses from short to long term memory. Various methods and memory aids are presented and expanded upon that may facilitate the ability to memorize effectively. The newsletter concludes with the methods of memory evaluation.

We trust that the content of this newsletter will be found to be beneficial in understanding and enhancing one’s memory skills.

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