By Mareli Fischer

To whom it may concern


I am a clinical psychologist in private practice with a specific interest in dealing with children and teenagers who struggle with attention, inhibition and behaviour problems. I have been involved in ADHD research since 2008, and I have presented papers at international conferences in Sweden and the UK, as well as locally. I am currently busy with my PhD at the University of Cape Town, specifically focusing on South African children with ADHD/ADD.

The main aim of my research study is to design and implement an intervention for parents of children with ADHD/ADD; the intervention will take the format of an 8 week long group process, where parents will be taught basic behaviour modification techniques, while also enjoying the safe and supportive environment of the group. The group will meet once a week, for 60 -90 minutes.

The 8 weeks will each have a topic to be discussed, with tips and pointers for parents to then go try at home. During the next session we can look at their experiences together, learn from each other and also celebrate small victories. Examples of the topics to be included in the group process are:

  • current literature and trends in ADHD research
  • effective communication strategies
  • rewarding good behaviour
  • eliminating negative behaviour
  • understanding what motivates your child
  • how to assist with academics
  • how to control your child’s behaviour in public
  • social/ peer concerns

There will be the chance for parents to receive therapeutic support within the group process, and also to receive information on how to prevent parental stress and burnout. The idea is to equip the parent with skills, to help them essentially foster a better relationship with their child, and also to boost their own self-esteem and sense of success as a parent.

I would love to present the opportunity to parents to be involved in this group process, free of charge. It will run at our Edgemead Practice from 21 July until 8 September 2015, at 18h00.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information, or if you would like to meet to discuss this proposal further. You can email me at:

Warm regards,

Mareli Fischer – Practice number 0496472