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Ilka BezuidenhoutIlka Bezuidenhout

Ilka Bezuidenhout qualified in 1999 as a Counselling Psychologist at the University of Stellenbosch and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS0070785). Ilka has considerable experience in educational assessments and therapy. She has a special interest in supporting and empowering parents through the parental guidance programme that she has developed. Whether in therapy, assessment or parental guidance processes, Ilka supports individuals to achieve movement towards the meaningful changes they desire.


Ilka provides assessments for primary and high school students. With the permission of parents, Ilka prefers to work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team to support the child as effectively as possible.

Ilka offers assessments in the following areas:

  • Screening for learning disorders and ADHD
  • School readiness
  • Cognitive ability/ Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Scholastic functioning in reading, maths, written and verbal expression
  • Concentration ability in 6 important domains  
  • Applications for academic concessions and accommodations  
  • Emotional functioning

Parental Guidance Program:

Parenting is a long-term journey and it is important for parents to grow alongside their children. Ilka’s parental guidance programme guides parents to learn better ways to communicate, boost their child’s self-esteem and develop positive and effective discipline skills. Each parent’s personality type and style is assessed, and this is explored in terms of how this influences their approach to communication and discipline. The programme provides parents with practical tools and the confidence they need to strengthen the development of their child and the family as a whole. This programme is typically covered in approximately 4 sessions, and can be followed up with intermittent sessions to monitor the effectiveness of newly learned skills.  


Ilka provides therapy for pre-primary and primary school children as well as adults. Ilka views therapy as a collaborative journey that is about raising awareness, identifying patterns and facilitating change so that an increased sense of meaning and well-being in life can be experienced. She integrates a number of theoretical approaches into her work so as to accommodate each individual person she works with.


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